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In 1978 while standing in the Education Courtyard inside of the prison where I was employed as a teacher’s aide, I observed a juvenile inmate trying to survive in an environment he clearly did not belong. He was trying to get his GED. I asked him why  didn't he finish high school at home and he said very sadly “because I did not have anyone that cared whether I went to school or not”. In that moment God placed a dream in me and I promised myself, I would do all I could to let young people know, their self worth and there are people who care about their future. So, when I retired after 35+ years Restoration Network was born.

Restoration Network is a non-profit organization focused on restoring youth, their families, and communities reducing the dropout rate and juvenile delinquency. Increase self-esteem, improve religious integrity, education, and respect for authority. Provide physical and spiritual awareness for the needy and homeless as well.

I hope to acquire a facility where I can provide after school programs and summer programs that will keep young people on track, focused, motivated and inspired to accomplishing their dreams and goals. I want Restoration Network, LLC to be a place where senior citizens can come and feel needed by sharing their stories and life experiences with children. Young teens and adults will be able to talk to someone to help them with their day to day struggles and pressures of life.

It is the goal of Restoration Network,LLC to live up to its name by establishing a strong network with agencies to help restore  youth and community one family and one child at a time! Will you help me? I need your help and support to make this work for the future of children and their families.