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Restoration Network Llc. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting those in need in jackson, gadsden, calhoun, liberty and surrounding counties. currently we assist senior citizens, youth, homeless, handicap, single parents and teenage mothers.  approximately sixty percent of our time is dedicated to this cause and the remaining time is dedicated to the spiritual needs of those we assist.


Restoration Network LLC. takes a whole-family approach to helping our communities. Our main goal is to work within these communities so no one feels as if they have to go through hardshipes alone. Together with our resources and outreach we aim to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, spiritual and emotional needs of each and every family we serve.

Clothes closet program

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Clothing assistance for those in need. the clothes received are by donation only and are stocked in limited supply.



Restoration Network provides many opportunities for volunteers as interns, work-study students, community service hours or members of the community who would like to lend a helping hand.We  need grant writers to receive Federal grants.